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We're a resource for everything careers and lifestyle. Here you'll find tips on how to interview, what to wear and curated lists of what to spend your hard earned cash on. Thanks for stopping by our little corner of the internet!

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  • What is an i-frame in UX design?

    Have you been asked to design a page that utilises an i-frame? I-frames are simple, they are an HTML element that loads a different HTML page within the page. i-frames are commonly used for ads, ...

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    What is an i-frame in UX design?
  • Spinach pesto pasta

    Ingredients Method Bring a pot of water to the boil and the packet of spinach. Cook through for 30 seconds and drain. Add the spinach to a bowl of cold water too cool it. Drain the spinach and ...

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    Spinach pesto pasta
  • Fast and easy tabbouleh

    Ingredients Method Combine everything in a serving dish and leave for a couple of hours. Add additional water if the bulgar is still crunchy. ...

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    Fast and easy tabbouleh